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provides the customer with utmost quality and gives support throughout the whole process, from sampling until the shipment.

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Trust Apparel Sourcing Ltd. is a well renowned Buying & Trading house which is vertically integrated through  Garments Manufacturing & export, Printing & Embroider unit and Logistic unit

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Delivering The Highest Quality Fabrics

With an increasing focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness in the fashion industry, Trust Apparel Sourcing could consider offering sustainable sourcing options for customers. This could include sourcing from manufacturers who use sustainable materials and practices, or offering customers the option to purchase apparel made from recycled or eco-friendly materials.


We do research on new styles, new fabric, accessories and trims on regular basis. We strive to develop them accordingly from home and abroad.


Our design team provides seasonal trend forecasts and collections to showcase the latest market trends and new design concepts. We aim to provide inspiration for design capabilities and product development.


Focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness in the fashion industry, we consider offering sustainable sourcing options for customers.


We are able to manufacture the products ourselves through our sister concerns Jann Composite Mills Ltd. & EFL. Along with that, we have contracts more than 100+ factories which fulfill necessary requirements.


We as a company want to deliver the goods to the customer's door, therefore Nafisa has vertically integrated and has its very own logistics company (Jann Global Logistics). Which allows the whole process to run more smoothly.


attains many features which are unique in the buying house industry and contribute heavily on the success incl. the implementation of the latest ERP software.

  • Long History

    Trust Apparel Sourcing Ltd has a long and rich history, therefore knowing the Bangladesh market thoroughly. Through this time we have created many trusted relationships with local apparel manufacturers

  • Strong CSR Team

    We have a very strong CSR team who ensure Social Compliance as per local & customer demands also has a digital platform for CSR from where customers can get exact factory information regarding any CSR issues.

  • Own Design Team

    Our design team presents new trends which are currently demanded. Samples of our designs are given to our customers. To support new fabrics & samples, We have own R&D Team co-operating with the design team.

Special QA Team

To ensure quality, We have  highly trained quality assurance team who ensure 100% quality as per customer demand.

Highly Skilled Merchandising Team

We have specialists and experts in the merchandising team for different products and categories. Through the diversified team, customers can expect proper product support.